Our story is their story

If you find yourself reading this, feel welcomed into the family. 

Our story goes back to 1996 when Maricela and Galo, mom and dad, embark on a journey out of our home town, Otavalo. Like many families we left our loved one to pursue our dreams. We crossed oceans, we went over sea waters sharing a bit of our culture to other nations. In 2008 we arrived to Great Britain, it turned into our second home. 

The numerous journeys throughout the years gave birth to our project know as YARINA NC. We went back to our roots making it even more special for us to share our indigenous background. 

The heart of our visions is to expose and support the artisans' talent and craftsmanship. 

"He has filled them with skills to do all kinds of work as engravers, designers, embroiderers, in blue, purple and scarlet yarn and fine linen, and weavers- all of them skilled workers and designers" -Exodus 35:35 

We all have our talents some which we are born with others get developed. Some are heritage, passed down from generation to generation from our loved ones. We see the the final masterpiece but not the process in the hands of those who imaged it, our artisanal family. Explore the hidden talent of those whose techniques, talent, creativity and passion make of every collection unique. 

Their stories  is a way for you to know our great designers. We do not work alone, we work together because we are a family.