The Cot of the Artisan

It is of great pleasure to introduce our talented artisan, José.

We kindly asked José to record him but very humbled he replied, "I'd rather see my story narrated". 

José born in the province of Cotopaxi, Ecuador. He grew up in a community called Tigua. He tells us that Tigua is also known as The Cot of the Artisan, as many craftsman like him come from that community.

Gets married and along his wife they beging a beautiful craft venture which has been longstanding for the past 15 year. The small decorative collections  turned into home accesories. I asked José how do they transmit their culture and story to others.

Jose replies, “I have three daughters and one boy but my wife and I manage to travel to many places around Ecuador sharing designs that not only reflect our story but our entire community”

Travelling around the country whilst sharing wonderful and colourful collections has given them inspiration to expand. Nowadays, Jose and his family’s craftsmanship is being shared in the UK.

Their artistic technique and skills make a great combination for limitless yet unique creations.

It was such a blessing meeting Jose that afternoon. Even more to have him and his family as a part of our artisanal family! Enjoy our beautiful Home Collection.